Sunday, February 22, 2009

Feeling the Love

The Irishman had to work on Saturday morning. Being as we share a car and Moses had a 10:30 appointment with Dr. Kristy, I dropped him off at 8:30 and went off to run errands.

My first stop was Target. I went in through the garden department. I looked at all the plants and wandered into the main store. I was almost to the home goods department when I realized that I had not seen a single shopper in the store. In fact, I walked through the garden department without seeing a single human being. All of the human beings I saw in the store were employees restocking shelves. At this point I managed to convince myself that they were not really open.

I quickly walked back through the garden department and looked at the sign on the door. They did open at was just empty. By this point though there was an employee in the garden department so I nonchalantly walked out the garden center and into the main entrance of the store. That's me...playing it cool.

I'm glad I didn't give up on it all though. As it turns out, I had a very successful trip.

I filled two nice reusable bags with goodies for $15 and change. The Valentine's section was marked 75% off, so I walked by uninterested. Then I overheard an old lady who was asking her husband to price check every single item on the shelf noticed a crowd of all three people in the storeat the Valentine's goodies.

I hit the magical 90% off clearance. Things clear out fast once it moves from 75% to 90% off. We bought a $290 Christmas tree for $29 a few years back. There was nothing quite that grand this time, but I was impressed with my finds!

The heart shirts? The nieces in Ireland will enjoy those almost as much as I did at $0.40 each. (There are only two girls, but I figured for that price I could buy an extra in case I picked up the wrong size!) My new PJs cost $1.20. Fancy picture frame wrapped in a box? That would also be $1.20. Erasers for my students, M&Ms for the Irishman, stickers for $0.19 just because they were $0.19... I'm feeling the love!


MN Mom said...

Wow what a haul! I wish I had seen the 90% off section! Good shopping girl!

Hope cat appt. went okay? Did Moses get the dreaded four letter word? D I E T

Jenny said...

Thanks for asking. I discovered that my Moses is a 16 pound cat. The vet was very nice and said we will keep an eye on it. We will continue to measure out the food and may try diet food, but she said with two cats there is not much else we can do. I was happy enough with it! (I think Moe was too!)

Heather said...

Great finds!