Monday, February 9, 2009

Not Me Monday

It's that time again!

I did not decide this morning that I was going to skip this NOT ME! MONDAY.

I did not change my mind now that I am sitting home alone listening to the cat snore.

I did not laugh when the Irishman told me last week that he was going to play on a basketball team with some guys from work.

I did not laugh out loud tonight when he pulled out a sleeveless basketball shirt that he has to wear to the game. I did not advise again playing a game before practicing with the team.

I did not have to bite my tongue when the Irishman put his sleeveless basketball shirt on over his Liverpool polo shirt. I did not think about sneaking a picture to post here.

I did not think, "Irishmen can't jump" as he put the shirt on.

I did not seriously consider having ice cream for dinner.

I did not try to use the fact that it is Blue Bell Ice Cream to justify having ice cream for dinner.

I did not only change my mind when the Irishman decided to cook dinner...with Blue Bell Ice Cream for dessert.

I shouldn't be grading papers.

I shouldn't be typing lesson plans.

I shouldn't be working on a presentation for a professional conference.

I shouldn't be working on my proposal for the committee at the school who gets to decide if they will pay for me to present at the aforementioned professional conference. (Darn budget cuts...)

I shouldn't be cleaning the house.

I shouldn't be finishing my posts for SWAK.

I did not intentionally overuse the word shouldn't because it was the very lame vocabulary word the textbook company chose for my class today.

I am not slightly panicked worried that the Irishman didn't call me to say that he got to the basketball game safely.

Not me.

Thank you to MckMama for hosting all the Not Me! Monday fun. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.


Shannon said...

Just wondering if there was any news on Leighton's surgery?

MN Mom said...

I did NOT laugh out loud reading this! Especially the part about...Irishman can't jump.

emily said...

and you didn't get video of the basketball game?! I'm disappointed :)

(and I would NOT have loved a bowl of Blue Bell for supper tonight!)

Jenny said...

Leighton's surgery went well, but they found soft spots on his head today so they are running more tests.

I get e-mails from when there is an update.

Jenny said...


I am NOT brave enough to watch him play basketball, let alone video! = )

He said that he was pleasantly surprised that he did not embarrass himself. He also said that our summer camp boss was there and shocked to see him playing...