Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pray for Leighton!

I have been following Leighton and the Harper family since I heard about the situation from some of my sorority sisters. (I knew Laine in college.) Here are the last two updates from the CaringBridge site this morning:

10:50 PM, CST
Thank you Jesus!!! Leighton has a heart on the way!!!!!!!!!!We are not sure where it is coming from or how long it will take to get here but it is on its way!!!Please keep us in your prayers for the next 24 hours. We will be taking calls during the wait, but may not answer during the surgery. We will be updating every hour.WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!

02:40 AM, CST
Surgery is at approx 7am.
Jake will be our surgeon and he has gone to harvest the heart. We think they will take Leighton back to the OR around 6am. We don't know where the heart is from and they usually will not tell us. Gary and Rhonda are headed here from Georgia. Rich just got in, poor guy left this morning and had to come back tonight. Beth, Whitney, Kort, Sky and Erin are all heading here in the morning nice and early. My dad is in Texas, so even if he left now he would not make it before surgery was out. I know he and all of his brothers are praying for us. I know we will have tons of friends and family here at the hospital tomorrow and welcome anyone who wants to just come sit with use while we wait... Thank you Lord for our special gift from a special angel.

Please keep them in your prayers!

UPDATE: It sounds like things went well! Here is what Laine had to say:

It has been a whirlwind of emotions the past 3 days. Now its is the calm after the storm. Leighton is still doing great today. He is so pink and his numbers look great. Still a bit swollen but that will reduce in time. His chest tubes are still in because he is still draining a bit, but they may start to disappear today a few at a time. He is on volume support on the vent so he is doing some of the breathing on his own. Rich and Gary went in earlier and he started to open his eyes a little. I went in with Rhonda right after that, and he seemed to try to open them and moved his arm around a little. The nurse reassured me that he is not in any pain, just waking up a little bit. He is such a sweet baby, even with all of his tubes. I thought he would look a little more intimidating this time around, but I think it is so much easier then last surgery. I know what everything is for now, so I am more at peace.

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MN Mom said...

Pray along with me: Dear Lord please keep Leighton in your arms and guide his surgeon to make Leighton well and healthy. And Lord also give your strength to the family of the little child lost--who's grieving family had the compassion to donate his organs so that Leighton and others might live. And give strenghth to other familys who have lost children and are still grieving them. Lord bless them all. Also thank you for the health our little Rylee and other healthy children everywhere. In your name we pray. Amen