Thursday, February 26, 2009


The Irishman and I are not spur of the moment people.

We research.

We debate.

We discuss.

More than once we have spent so long researching that we end up paying more as prices go up.

After weeks of researching flights, rental cars, hotels, and the like for a Spring Break road trip, we changed our minds.

Even with the generous offers of places to stay the week was looking rather expensive. We really wanted to go, but before food and gas our expenses were in the four digits.

This morning I sat to check my e-mail at 5:30am like I usually do. I had an e-mail from VacationsToGo, like I often do. There was a 6-day Royal Caribbean cruise that looked quite tempting during the same week as my Spring Break.

I woke the Irishman up to tell him about it. The Irishman is not a morning person.

Within 30 minutes we'd booked the cruise. Within 31 minutes we'd called Ireland to tell them about it.

That is SO not us. (Okay so maybe the calling Ireland part least it wasn't 2:30am this time...) Also not us? We've decided to try the later dinner seating. (Okay so I've decided and the Irishman is going along with it...) The cruise stops at Belize, Costa Maya, and Cozumel. We've done those ports before, but honestly we are most wanting to just get away and relax.

I had to go to school and tell the others I was not presenting at the conference in Memphis for financial reasons. I felt a lot slightly guilty about it, but this IS a less expensive option.

And not too shabby either!

So, we are going on another cruise! I may or may not have started planning what I am going to wear. Or what books I plan to read on the trip. Or looked at the shore excursions...


MN Mom said...

Sounds like fun! Spur of the moment can be exciting. (Although I must confess most of the time I am a planner, when I don't plan, I usually have more fun.)

Rachel said...

Have fun on your cruise! The offer is always open for you guys to stay with us.

Shannon said...

Sounds perfect for Spring Break. Can't wait to see all the great photos I know you'll share. Then I can live vicariously through another cruise... :)

Rachel said...

Oh, I'd love to go on a cruise for spring break!