Tuesday, July 31, 2012

When Daddy’s Away

The Irishman was in Chicago last weekend for work. We’d originally thought about making it a family trip and spending a couple of extra days in the windy city, but we decided we would get more bang for our buck if we went to Tampa/St. Pete and took the kids to see Sesame Street at Busch Gardens. Due to illness we did neither. Sigh.

The Irishman was the coach for a student from his university who was entering a quiz competition for Hispanic Heritage Month. (Yes, there is a bit of irony there – but he was a good coach despite his lack of Hispanic heritage!) The TV company paid for the students and their coaches to go to Chicago to film the competition last weekend. I know he missed us, but I am sure he enjoyed the food and sleeping in, too!

Back at home the kids and I sent him pictures all day long to show him what he was missing out on. About half way through the day I decided it would make a great blog post. Now that he is back safely home we can share.

So here is our Friday in photos:


(You mean you don’t start your day riding a tiger while watching cartoons in your PJs?)


Caitlin still wasn’t feeling 100% so we dropped Sean off at school and headed back to the doctor. Sean was rockin' his new red shoes.


We had a little bit of time before our appointment so we stopped at McD’s for oatmeal. The Irishman gave me a hard time for not taking her for donuts, but she actually picked the oatmeal instead. Love that kid!


We got the all clear at the doctor. Caitlin was really upset that she had to go back. She took all 6 doses of her medicine. When I told her the doctor wanted to check again she started to cry, “But I took all my medicine!” Thankfully it was a good visit and she was rewarded with a trip to the consignment shop.


Clifford and a Little Einstein's puzzle were a special treat!


She played with both all weekend.


To make room for our newest batch of hand-me-downs for Sean, I went through the bin and pulled out all the 18 month and 2T clothes. We had more than I thought - it made up just over a load for clothes in the washer. We are spoiled to have such generous friends with such good taste!


I sent the Irishman this picture to play “guess how much I paid for the 4T navy blue Tommy Hilfiger dress?” I love a good consignment shop find!


The plan had been to take Caitlin to Publix before picking up Sean. She fell asleep on the way so I let her sleep and took both kids to the store by myself at dinner time. What was I thinking? The store wasn’t too bad, but getting the groceries, the kids, and two balloons all safely into the house nearly did me in! We live in a townhouse so there is a bit of a walk from the car to the house.


Sean and I had leftovers for dinner. Caitlin wasn’t crazy about zucchini cheeseburger pie the first time, so I didn’t even try that! We’d bought new ice cream cones at Publix, but she still wasn’t supposed to have dairy so I decided to let her have her oranges in ice cream cones with her dinner. She was happy and ate two cones worth.


We have just tweaked the bedtime routine so that Sean comes downstairs with Caitlin after his bath. He loves the change!


At Caitlin’s request we picked up some band aids at Publix as well. I typically open the box and put all but about 4 or 5 band aids into my secret stash before handing it over to my daughter. She LOVES her band aids! When she has a real boo boo we always seem to find the LAST one! It is such a surprise! ; )


Little man had new-to-us PJs to try out. We went with the sports theme because of the Olympics.


Sean helped me fold the laundry


and played with the basket, too!


I took this to show off her pretend “boo boos” to Daddy.


After I put Sean to bed Caitlin, Kitty Cat, and Clifford enjoyed her letters on the iPad before painting/e-mailing a picture for Daddy and reading with Grover.

(Apps we love: Starfall, Toy Story, and Monster at the End of this Book)


It was a busy day and we missed Daddy, but we did okay!

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