Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Her New 'Do

Friday our local kids’ salon was offering a special price through FB. We’d been talking about getting Caitlin’s haircut and that was all the motivation we needed.

photo 7

Don’t let the serious face fool you. She was thrilled when we picked her up from school and told her she was getting her hair cut. In fact we stopped at the store on the way there and she started to cry because she wanted a haircut!

photo 1

Sean was happy to come along. He got to sit in the chair without a haircut. He considers that a win-win!

photo 9

The Irishman and I had been talking about getting her hair cut shorter and then the hairdresser said she thought a bob would be adorable on Caitlin. That was all the motivation we needed.

photo 2

They painted her nails with pink glitter. She got to sit in the panda chair. They added beads and a small braid to her finished hairdo. She was thrilled.


(Not that she would let me do any of that to her hair! We decided to go shorter because she won’t even let me brush it regularly!)

photo 3

We are thrilled with the way it came out!


I have a feeling the next time we are there

photo 10
will be for this little guy!

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Charlotte said...

so so cute with her new hair do.