Thursday, July 19, 2012

Just the Girls

Saturday morning the Irishman took Sean for a jog. At about the same time I saw a post on FB from one of our favorite parks advertising tot time. It was a special program – no registration required. Caitlin and I got dressed and headed that way.


Yes, her shoes are on the wrong feet. We took care of that in the car! The purse held her “special coin” for the carousel It was $5 for tot time so we stopped at the bank on the way there. Caitlin was thrilled – a lollipop!


Tot time was full of some of her favorite things. She colored, enjoyed a snack, and played with special toys. She was as busy as a bee fluttering around the room exploring.




The frog was a big hit. She bounced and then took him along with her all over the room.




After a little over the hour we headed to the carousel. Much to my surprise she only wanted to ride once! She did insist on the bench though!


Has anyone ever seen this? I’d walked past it but didn’t realize the brilliance of it all. The big piece of wood means that if one person swings the other swings as well. No pushing required. Talk about smart!



On the way home we stopped for lunch at Panera. Caitlin enjoyed her grilled cheese and special cow yogurt.


Walking back to the car we came across these chairs. Too cute!



To top of our Mommy/daughter date we stopped at Publix. Grocery shopping in the “green car” cart, a sprinkle cookie, and a balloon? The perfect ending to a two-year-olds day!

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