Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Well I fully intended to post pictures of the kids today. It would seem that the 26,703 photos in my folder are not accessible. I tried a new back up system this weekend. It didn't work and I briefly lost all 26,703 pictures. Talk about panic!

Picassa won't let me use the pictures from the desktop where I moved them so I am waiting for all 26,703 photos to move back into the correct folder. Our computer is old. It takes a while.

Bottom line? I'll try to post tonight. I know how the grandparents get without their pictures! ; )

As a side note: Does anyone have a back up system they like? We have a lot of pictures so it can't be too pricey!


Laura Coble said...

We have what we call a naz. It is a network drive that has two drives that are mirror images of each other. So if one goes out the other drive will still have it. Ryan paid about 400$. We have it run to back up our computer daily. I feel very safe with my stuff on it. Newegg.com probably has something very close.

Agate Lake Girl said...

I back mine up monthly to an external hard drive that we keep in our safe.