Monday, July 9, 2012

11 Months

Sean hit the 11 month marker back on July 1st. I cannot believe that he is going to be a year old in less than a month!


Our little guy has grown up so much this month! He is loving table food and is just starting the transition to whole milk. His favorites include banana yogurt, banana puffs, and meatballs. The Irishman and I each thought we’d told the day care it was okay to start him on table food. His teacher stopped us a couple of weeks ago and asked if it would be okay. It seems Sean had been watching the other kids longingly eat table food as he ate his baby food. Poor guy! He is much happier now.


He is going to be a climber. He has already mastered getting onto Caitlin's bed and the couch. While he hasn’t taken any steps yet, he has started standing unassisted and scooting along holding the side of the couch. His new favorite thing to do is to stand at the sliding glass doors and make faces at Daddy outside. You can hear him through the glass laughing and giggling!


The tooth count is at four. Sean is the slowest teether I’ve ever met! The poor guy must have more on the way though because he has been drooling and chewing on his finger for weeks now. Saturday night he was up for several hours. I am hoping it is his teeth and not his ears bugging him. We have been doing better with the ears, but I suspect it is just a matter of time before he ends up with tubes.


Sean is a flirt. His grin will make you melt. He is a true sweetie. Everyone he meets declares him a “good baby” and we’d have to agree.


Sean really has been a blessing to our family. We love watching him grow!


For comparison, here is Caitlin at 11 Months. It is funny because I remember her as being more sturdy and solid at that age, but she looks so dainty here.


Speaking of his sister, Sean and Caitlin are interacting more and more. Caitlin is happy to speak of for her brother when it suits her. For example when we tell her she has to pick one of something she will decide that she wants “this one” and “I think Seanie wants this one.” When Sean has a toy she wants she will announce “Look I think Seanie wants to give it to me. Thank you Seanie!”

For his part, Sean is watching his older sister like a hawk. He wants to know what she is doing at all times and he tries to mimic her. When he does have a turn with whatever toy it is he often hands it back to her because he wants to see what it is she has moved onto next. If she has it, he wants it! He is figuring out his role as little brother!


Next month brings a birthday celebration of his own…though I’m sure he will have a certain someone there to help him blow out the candles! ; )

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