Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Friends are Special*

The Irishman and I made some great friends during our days working at the summer camp. One of the moments that stands out is this one. It was the last night of camp and a group of us decided that we wanted to go to the beach to watch the sunrise.


(Old enough that it is a scanned photo from back when panoramic photos were the thing to do!)

One of the girls from the picture has family who live in South Florida. We have gotten together several times in the last few years when she comes to town. This trip she invited us to her grandparent’s condo for a swim.

photo 20

Caitlin was taken with the waterfall and dancing water we passed on the way across A1A to the oceanside clubhouse.

photo 18

It looks posed, but she sat like that all on her own!

photo 15

photo 14

I took my camera along, but we were too busy visiting and chasing kids to remember to take any photos. The view was amazing. Jennifer had her mom take this one with her iPhone for us.

It is always great to get to catch up with friends!

Thank you to Jennifer, her mom, and her grandmother for having us over!


* The name of the post is the title of a song Caitlin likes to sing us. Funny stories to tell - more about that later this week!

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