Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kids Say the Funniest Things…

I have had a few ideas for posts running through my head and decided to use the common threads to add them into one.


There’s Music Everywhere

I know that the “I can do it myself!” stage is common, but Caitlin has taken it to a new level. Not only does she tell us she can do it herself, she sings it to us.
“I can do it, there's nothing to it.
I can do it by myself.
Had to ask for help when I was small.
But now I'm big and I can do it all.
She knows the whole song including the spoken interlude when Baby Bop says, “Do you know why? Because I’m THREE YEARS OLD.” I am still trying to convince Caitlin that she is not yet three years old. I’ve told her she will be three years old on her birthday just like Baby Bop.

She keeps telling ME that I will be three years old on my birthday like Baby Bop. Oh, well.


In this picture she is singing, “Friends are Special” to her “friends.” Caitlin has inherited my ability to remember songs. She knows them all! The CD player in the car died recently though she knows all the words already! Barney is usually the source, but if the song fits she’ll sing it!

(This is going to be a blog post of its own. We have an entire list of songs she sings as we go about our day. You name it she sings a song for it! She'll tell you that herself as she sings, "There's Music Everywhere")


A Man of Few Words


Sean will be 1 next week. While he has really started babbling this week, he doesn’t say much yet. He has a repertoire of three:

1. “DaDa.”


2. “Momma.”


3.“Don’t do that.”


A certain two-and-a-half year old has something to do with the last one. She is often heard saying, “Don’t do that, Sean!” or “Seanie! Don’t do that!” The other afternoon the Irishman and I both thought we heard him say the phrase. Then at dinner that night he did it again complete with shaking  finger.

Oh. My.


On the Go

Last night Caitlin grabbed every bag she could find and put them all on her shoulders. She was pushing a doll in her stroller and turned back waving to me.

“Bye! Have a good day! See you later!”

She got to the door and stopped.


“Oh, no! Where are my keys!’

She stopped and started dropping the bags and digging through them.

I think my mouth fell open. It was like watching myself walk out the door in the morning on my way to work.

I found a set of play keys and tried to hand them to her. She sighed and said, “Those aren’t MY keys.”

Wonder where she gets these things from…

**hanging head**


Guess What?


Dinner conversation the other night:

C: Mommy. Guess what?

Me: What?


C: (whispering) I love you!


This was supposed to be our vacation week. We should be at Busch Gardens now rubbing shoulders with Elmo and Big Bird and visiting with family in St. Pete. Instead we are at home with a sick kiddo. Caitlin has croup, though not the typical variety. No cough. I didn’t think you could get croup without the cough, but she has done it. The poor kid has been running a low fever on and off since last Thursday. She woke up Saturday morning a bit hoarse and hasn’t quite been able to shake it. We’ve been to the doctor twice and started medicine yesterday. So far it hasn’t made much difference. We are hoping for improvement soon!

We’ve spent a lot of time at home and working around the house. It is nice, but we are disappointed. It isn’t quite the vacation we’d planned! It is so hard to get time off at the same time. We hope we can find a time to reschedule the trip.

Oh, well! We have to make the most of it! At least we have the kids to entertain us! ; )

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