Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mommy and Me at the Beach

I recently stocked up on some beach toys on clearance at Target. Caitlin found the bag of goodies in the car and was desperate to try them out. She used to often ask to go to the beach or the pool when I picked her up from school, so I have told her that they are closed then. Now when I pick her up from school she says, “Mommy, I think the beach and pool are closed.” After finding the toys she tried to convince us that maybe it WAS open.


Last week I was only working mornings. Wednesday afternoon I picked her up from school in the middle of naptime. This time the beach was not closed. It was just the two of us.


With her new toys and a new swimsuit this kid was in heaven.


We played in the sand.


We built sandcastles and tore them down again.


We went on treasure hunts.


We splashed in the water.


We made memories.


We took some pictures.


We had a blast!

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