Thursday, June 7, 2012

Post Potty Present

For those who are not at the chasing small children stage in their lives…or who have no interest in my daughter’s potty habits you have been warned!

Caitlin is in the middle of potty training. She has no problem peeing on the potty. At school she has been going through only about 7 diapers in 5 days. (Pre-potty training we sent 20-25 a week)
The one challenge has been poop. She would announce to us that she was going, but she refused the potty. “No. I go in my diaper.” We’d promised prizes. We begged. It wasn’t working.

Right after dinner last night I picked her up as soon as she started to announce her intentions. She protested a little, but I plopped her on her little potty and she did it. She was quite proud of herself and then she remembered: a surprise!

We continued with bath time and the Irishman took her to Target while I nursed Sean and put him to bed. The idea was to get a bag of candy or something she could have every time she “goes.” She insisted on wearing pants with her dress. The Irishman couldn’t find any, so she picked out what she wanted before they left the house.

As soon as they walked into the store Caitlin started her favorite game. He caught the tale end of it on his phone.

Here she is trying to decide. Thankfully we didn’t end up with a helmet!

Here is the end result:


Munchie mix, microwave popcorn, and princess bubbles.

Not bad for poopie presents!

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Michelle said...

She's adorable! :) I love the prizes she choose, she's a smart girl. I plan on tackling the potty training the last half of my maternity leave. It looks like Caitlin is doing well, good luck with the continued success!!