Monday, June 25, 2012

Chef in the Making

Sean has been carefully watching Caitlin for some time now. This weekend when she wasn’t paying attention he decided to take his turn in the play kitchen.


I think this might be the “if I look cute enough can I keep doing this please?” face. It worked.


He stretched as high as he could to open and shut the door.


Can you tell he is proud of himself?


Then he plopped down on his diaper clad bum to try out the fridge.


Big sis was too busy watching TV with her friends to notice!



Speaking of TV, yesterday we had some terrible storms. They are the very outer bands of TS Debby. We spent a while at church after Mass waiting for the weather to slow down and then once in the car we waited another hour or so as another storm cell passed over us. Thankfully the kids napped so it wasn’t too bad.

That is until we got home.

It seems that Debby killed our TV. The power never went out and all the devices attached to the surge protector seem okay, but the TV is dead. There are no lights on. No one is home.I suspect a surge through the cable box.

This TV is the one we bought to replace the one that was ripped off the wall when our house was broken into. Talk about bad luck. We really liked it. I was just admiring the set up the night before. It was lovely.

We need a new computer. We need a new washing machine. We need a new car. We did not need to replace a TV.


That’s life, huh?

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Agate Lake Girl said...

Bummer about the TV! Tell Chef Sean that hygenically speaking I'd prefer if he wore pants when he cooked my food. Just sayin'. :)