Friday, June 29, 2012

My Dad

(The Irishman put this blog together all by himself – today is all about my father-in-law as we send birthday wishes and happy thoughts across the pond for his big day!)

Today is my Dad’s birthday. He hits the magical 70 today and I wanted to write a guest blog to surprise him when he turns on the computer back home in Ireland.

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Dad loves Blackrock and when the tide is in, there is no finer sight than “the back of the Castle”

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We have gone on some amazing trips and could tell you all some great stories!

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The World Cup in 1990 is still a trip that we will never forget. Even now, I have managed to teach Caitlin all of the words to “Put ‘em under Pressure” and no doubt Sean will soon follow.

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We have gone to a fair number of matches, whether it is hurling or football, and no doubt we have had many a conversation about others!

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Dad is always willing to do his best to put a smile on your face. He would never normally wear a football jersey, but his arm was twisted on this occasion. How many times have he watched a football match only to have to leave the room when it gets too exciting at the end. And people wonder where I get that from!

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Even though I am a whole ocean away from home, I know that Mam and Dad are all only a phone call away. Whether it is news from Jenny and the kids, work or a match on the television, they are always there. No doubt Mam will make a sherry trifle for the party this evening, and it will be a great day. If I can turn out to be half as good a dad with my kids, as my Dad has been with me, I’ll have done alright.

Jenny, Caitlin, Sean and I all send our love.

Happy Birthday Dad (Granda)!

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Rosemary said...

Your love and respect for your father are the perfect recipe for Sean and Caitlin to grow into wonderful human beings! It is such a pleasure to watch you and Jenny be such wonderful parents- you make great role models for Mike and me!