Friday, June 8, 2012

Jump and Play

Saturday we went to a birthday party at an indoor playground. The AC repairman left 15 minutes before the party started…and it was 45+ minutes away so we were a bit late. Caitlin had a blast celebrating Emma’s birthday.


Emma’s little brother was born a month ago. How Christina managed to pull off a birthday party with a newborn is beyond me! She is super mom!


Caitlin was the only kid at the party more interested in cake than icing.


Sean didn’t get any cake yet, but he enjoyed playing with the toys and spending time with Daddy.



I tried to prep Caitlin for the party by telling her we would “jump and play.” She took a little while to warm up, but she LOVED the floor level trampoline.

photo 1

photo 2

With all the fun at the party, the kids were all talk about the carousel and train outside.


It was a lovely party! Thank you for having us!

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Michelle said...

This place looks like great fun!