Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ireland, Ireland, Ireland!

Sunday we all dressed in green for the Ireland match. I joke on Facebook that we looked more like we were going to a St. Patrick’s parade than Mass. A random stranger stopped us to ask if we’d just been to Ireland.

After lunch the Irishman headed out to meet some friends for the game and I followed behind about 30 minutes later so we could meet them there. Caitlin was SO excited! As we walked out the door she started chanting and cheering. I was hoping she would take a nap. I was wrong.

Sean did sleep though so once we got to the establishment where we were watching the game I took this video and sent a text to the Irishman updating him on the status…Sean asleep, Caitlin cheering. Somehow in the three minutes it took him to get out to us in the parking lot, Caitlin crashed. She was sound asleep for the whole first half!

We made it inside for the last 15 minutes or so. The outcome wasn’t quite what we hoped for, but that didn’t stop the cheering!

The boys in green take on Spain today and the kids are heading off to school in their Irish green shirts.

Ireland, Ireland, Ireland!

*To those across the pond: Yes, I know she says “eye-er-land” like a Yank but when she says it the other way it somehow sounds more like Ole. I tried. Trust me, it was the better option!

*To those on this side of the pond: When the Irish say it it sounds more like “arrr-land” –the first sound is a bit like the sound a pirate makes. And to them we are all Yanks…as in Yankees. Even southerners. Don't take it personally.

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