Wednesday, June 27, 2012

One for me…

Sunday morning before Mass we headed to Publix for our weekly shopping. We usually go after Mass and Sean more often than not naps in the car. He was still awake so we had double occupancy in “green car.”

We stopped by to get our cookie like we always do and Caitlin was thrilled that they had sprinkle cookies. (She doesn’t like chocolate chip. Oh, the drama!)


“TWO cookies! One for me and one for…




Poor Sean!


(He did get some at the end. Though it *might* have been kitty’s leftovers. Caitlin was completely sure the cookie was intended for Kitty Cat. It wasn't until she herself started to munch on Kitty's cookie that Sean got a turn. Thankfully he is still a little young for sprinkle cookies!)

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