Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Hands are Full

Saturday morning the Irishman had to go to a funeral. We’d left his car at work the night before when we picked him up for dinner at my grandparents, so the kids and I drove him down to the church. We’d planned on meeting up with my brother and his family, but when that fell through I needed a backup plan.

We needed kitty litter and big girl panties so we stopped at Target. This particular store is two stories and does not have a cart that will fit two kiddos. (I’m guessing they don’t fit on the cart escalator) That meant Sean was in the cart and Caitlin walked along.


Caitlin is much easier to shop with when she is contained in a cart. About halfway through she found some of her “special treat.” She loves these fruit/yogurt pouches. We usually buy one as a treat when she comes to the store with us. (As far as “special treats” go we could do much worse!) My cell phone rang as we were in that aisle and a certain little girl decided she needed one of each flavor.


I started to say she could only have one and then I looked and realized her hands were full. I still had a little more shopping to do and decided that this limitation would work in my favor.


Sean had taken to reclining at this point. He could have sat up, he just didn’t want to!


So in the toy department I am feeling good about my hands-full plan.


Until my daughter out smarted me. She is too smart for her own good.


Thankfully it was nothing I couldn’t bribe her away from with a box of band aids!

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Agate Lake Girl said...

Clever little things aren't they?!