Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Baby’s First Light Saber

Saturday we went to Cracker Barrel for an early Father’s Day dinner. While Caitlin and I were paying for the meal, so found a little Star Wars toy for her Daddy.

(Okay so she MAY have wanted it for herself…and she says Star Wars with a distinct H sound at the beginning of the second word, but we will ignore those facts for now!)

She did hand over the toy and loudly wish her father a Happy Father’s Day. On the way out of the restaurant everyone wanted a turn. Nothing made the Irishman prouder though than seeing his son with a light saber.


“Sean, I am your father!”

photo 39

The force is strong with this one!

(And yes, even Sean seems to have noticed that I need a haircut! I’ve had to reschedule that appointment twice already…)

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