Tuesday, May 22, 2012

This one or this one?

I have no idea what prompted it, but this weekend Caitlin discovered clothes. She went into her messy closet and pulled out two hangers at a time asking for our opinions. My phone was dying but I managed to snap a video of the process.

She was at it for over an hour. I would put all the clothes back and then she would start over. Eventually I told her I had to go feed Sean and she didn’t miss a beat. “Daddy! Come upstairs please!”

As she pulled out EVERY piece of clothing she owns it became very clear that I really needed to go through the clothes the kids have outgrown. I ended up with almost two diaper boxes worth between the two of them! (I was tempted to post an after shot of the closet. It is SO much better now!) Of course the next day as I cleaned out the clothes Caitlin came over again with “This one or this one?”

I have to say I find this video almost frightening. If this is her at two, imagine the teen years!

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