Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Swimming for Naps

We started the rainy season early this year, so last weekend was our first trip to the pool in a while. Caitlin was thrilled with the idea and couldn’t wait to get there.


We don’t yet have our pool and beach bags yet to the "always ready to grab and go” state so we had to fish around for the floats and hats and sunscreen. I’m pretty sure Caitlin thought we’d never get there!




Caitlin is fearless with her Puddle Jumpers on, but getting her into swim lessons is on our must do list for the summer.She has a fear of “the man” which is really any man (repair man, lawn guy, random stranger on the street) she doesn’t know. We are on the search for a female teacher who won’t spook her.


Daddy wouldn’t fix Sean’s hat for their picture together. He said that was the way the famous cyclists of his youth wore their hats. Silly!


Caitlin spent most of her time climbing up and down the steps and jumping off towards the middle of the pool.



Caitlin doesn’t let anything by her these days. Another family bought drinks from the vending machine. She didn’t even know it was there until then, but she had to have it. Mostly she just stands back and watches when there is something or someone new that she wants to figure out.


Sean played and splashed happily and then fell asleep after I nursed him. He took a nap in the stroller poolside while the rest of us swam.


The Irishman walked Sean home in the stroller and shortly after they got home Caitlin too took a nice long nap.


There is nothing like the pool to wear the kids out!

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