Friday, May 25, 2012

Puddin’ Paint

Caitlin LOVES to paint. She got into it last December when we were making the handprint and footprint calendar. It doesn’t matter what kind of paint…she loves it all!

For some variety we tried pudding painting again. The last time Caitlin was much younger and she didn’t want to get her hands dirty in the chocolate mess. This Caitlin helped me "cook" some instant vanilla pudding pudding . I added some food coloring when she wasn't looking. Caitlin had a blast!


Funny enough she refused to taste it. I guess eating paint was too much for her! (Though Daddy might have had a spoonful or two!)


She started with a brush



and then the spoon -



and somehow we ended with my two-year old standing in a puddle of pudding on my good cookie sheet!

Nothing like an early bath after some messy fun on a Sunday afternoon!

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Agate Lake Girl said...

That looks fun. We'll have to try that some time!