Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Back to Smiles

We took Sean to the doctor yesterday to discover that he does not have an ear infection. We’d already started an antibiotic because of the symptoms so now we are stuck with that…and the side effects. I’m a bit bummed by that, but the most important part is that the little guy is feeling better! The virus that caused the fever seems to have moved on.

I took these pictures from my phone last night. The kids and I were playing outside while the Irishman made some phone calls for work. The AC repairman was supposed to be coming too, but they stood us up.

(But again we will focus on the little guy that is feeling better now!)


The Irishman bought the planter for his poinsettias. Planting them will be next week’s project, so for now it is a photo prop!



Caitlin decided she wanted to join in the fun, but then decided it was not her thing. So much for a picture of the two together, lol.




I’m so happy to see him smiling!

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Michelle said...

He is such a cutie! I'm glad he is feeling better and love seeing his smiles!!