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I should have had to the end of the month to get Sean’s shot record updated, but the way the expiration date was written by the doctor the day care required it by the first day of the month. After having the plague the week before that left last Monday to squeeze in an appointment.

The appointment went well. He is doing very well developmentally. He is at the top of the charts in height and middle of the road weight wise. The only problem was that she found fluid in his ears.
We scheduled a follow up with the ENT for Friday and he confirmed that yes, there is fluid in the ears. He has recommended tubes. I said I would talk it over with the Irishman and we were thinking about the summer.

(And for those of you in the “in must be the cats” camp – we have asked the doctors about that. multiple times. Caitlin has had allergy testing and it showed nothing. The doctors are far more worried about day care germs than they are of our two furry friends. It isn’t constant. It comes and goes. I do think Caitlin has some seasonal allergies – they got bad up when our tree on the patio was in bloom.If it was the cats we would take care of that.  Most of all I think we have two kids who are in day care and pick up all sorts of icky germs there. I wish it didn’t have to be that way, but it is what it is. There isn’t much we can do about that right now.)

Flash forward to this weekend. We had a great day – we went to Mass, then to see Clifford Live, and the park. The kids both slept in the car on the way home. (Sean’s new big boy car seat by the way. He has already outgrown his infant seat so we had to hurry up to buy a new convertible one!) We stopped at Costco once they woke up and noticed that Sean seemed really warm.

By the time we got home his fever was up to 103. We gave him a bath, some fever reducer, and called the after-hours number for the pediatrician's office. It was late enough on a Sunday evening that we had to call around to find a 24 hour pharmacy that takes our insurance.

(Just in case I am the only person with kids who does not know the number to a 24 hour pharmacy – it is a good idea to have that information ready when you at on the phone with the pediatrician at 6pm on a Sunday night! We had to scramble to find one and Dr. B was less than impressed.)

I took Caitlin with me to the pharmacy and Publix.  We got to the pharmacy and they hadn’t checked their voicemail so I had to wait. With a very active, slightly misbehaving two-year-old. Oh, boy. We might have come home with a box of Elmo band aids that were a failed attempt at a bribe. It was already 7pm on a Sunday. I wasn’t about to take them off of her then. Mommy fail.

On the way from the pharmacy to the grocery store I heard Caitlin talking in the back seat. “First we get green car. THEN sugar cookie. THEN balloon.” I started to answer back when she said, “Okay, Clifford?” It seems she was running the itinerary by her stuffed red dog. Too funny! She wasn’t impressed with CVS, but she LOVES to go grocery shopping.

Clifford joined us in the green car for the grocery shopping and even got a sprinkle cookie of his own! I was exhausted. Thankfully Publix is one of Caitlin’s favorite places in the world right now. She was great, but by the time we had finished it was already bedtime.

By the time we got home and fed and changed into PJs (with a number of band aids on pretend boo boos) it was after 9. So much for an early night. Thankfully everyone slept through the night. I’m curious to see how the little guy wakes up.

So, the Irishman is going to take Sean in to the pediatrician's office again today to confirm that suspected ear infection. We are also going to have to look at the possibility of scheduling tubes sooner. I was REALLY hoping to not have to take more time off work, but that isn’t looking promising. Sigh.

I am also hoping this antibiotic doesn’t cause problems like the last one. We started yogurt already last night. It took almost a month after his last round of antibiotics to clear up the diaper rash. We both ended up on a restricted diet in an attempt to clear the fungal rash. Yuck!

Oh, and on top of that…the AC unit is leaking into the kids upstairs bathroom. Thankfully the drip of water happens to fall right into Caitlin’s little potty. (Sadly the AC unit fills it more than Caitlin does!) Our AC unit is on its last legs. The drain pan has clogged periodically through the years and leaked into the upstairs bathroom, but with each call the last couple of years the outlook on that AC unit gets worse. We are praying that this call goes well. I am hoping that they can come today while Morgan is off work with Sean.

We have a number of packages to mail out to friends and family. Most are very late birthday/baby/mother’s day gifts. We were all set to send them out today. Instead I was grocery shopping last night with a two year old at 8pm. Sigh.

One of the teachers at school with older kids stopped by the other day and said to remember that the days are long but the years are fleeting. I am holding onto that right now. I know this is all part of having kids.  Even though it was a rough start to the week, I am holding onto to the shared giggles during Mass over an impromptu game of peak-a-boo.

So here is to hoping that the worst of the week is behind us…though it is hard to be confident of that when it is only 6:30 on Monday morning!

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Michelle said...

My dear friend, i'm so sorry the last few months have been so rough!! We've been saying extra prayers for you every night. I read this after your facebook post, so I'm know Sean's doing better. So glad! Though i'm sorry about the effects of the antibiotics. :( We deal with it with Ava, too. I'm sure you know all te tricks, but just in case, we found that baking soda baths help A to feel a little better and the pink caldescene powder helps a great deal, too. It still takes awhile to get rid of, but it helps her to feel better. I really do hope your week gets better and is germ free from here! It's almost summer for you, you can make it! :) Sending lots of hugs your way!