Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The BIG Red Dog

The PTO gave each teacher $40 to spend at the Scholastic Warehouse Book Fair. I have been teaching for almost 10 years now, so my classroom library is older than my third graders and my books are falling apart.

This book fair is usually really good and the Irishman enjoys it as much as I do. I expected to find a Clifford book or two at a good price so we decided to bring Caitlin along. I told her we would get a Clifford book. Imagine the surprise when we walked in and saw this:

“It’s CLIFFORD, Mommy!”


“BIG hug!”


“And a Kiss”


I had some shopping to do, so I took Sean in the cart while the Irishman followed around the pint-sized Clifford fan. He shot some video of the fun.

We did find a Clifford book, but we also found a copy of Pete the Cat. This YouTube video is one of her favorites, so she recognized it right away. She has been walking along, singing this song…

She is old enough for non-board books. My little girl flips through the pages herself retelling the story. She is getting so big!

Sean took a picture with the Big Red Dog, too.


At least I can count on Clifford to make my babies seem smaller!

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Michelle said...

That looks like an amazing book fair! Wish I could have gone!!

I love the videos of Caitlin, especially the "No, you stay there Daddy." :) Our little girls are very much alike.