Friday, May 11, 2012

For Uncle Michael

Sunday after Mass we went to see Clifford the Big Red Dog Live on Stage. GGB bought us tickets for Christmas. As luck would have it we ended up sitting next to some friends that we didn’t know were going to the show. Afterwards we all walked to a park near the theater. It was warm, but Caitlin had a great time playing with “the boys.”

The Irishman saw the toys they had and got Caitlin to take a few pictures (and a video) for Uncle Michael.

photo 2

For course Daddy had to get in on the fun, too.

photo 1

As usual, Sean was happy to watch from his spot in the shade.

photo 3

We love finding new parks. Our certain very independent two-year-old loves to swing and slide and climb - by herself!

photo 4
Now if only that day hadn’t ended with a 103 fever…thankfully we are all better now!

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