Thursday, May 31, 2012

And just like that he’s driving

I was supposed to post about the beach today, but that takes too long and we were up way too late last night. The third grade team held our third annual fundraiser for Haitian Earthquake relief and we made it a family affair. Of course that also means everyone woke up early this morning and I have already been covered in poop twice before work this morning. Sigh.

Tuesday night I needed a few items for school from the store and the Irishman was running late. He offered to pick them up on his way home, but I was hoping for an early bedtime and Caitlin wanted a trip to Publix so I decided to chance it.

Taking two to the store at once is tricky. I usually wear Sean in the Ergo, but on a whim I suggested to Caitlin that he might try to sit in the “green car” with her. She loved the idea.


So did Sean. Of course when we went to get our sprinkle cookie they gave Sean one, too.


He looks heartbreakingly grown up in this picture.


He drove.


He flirted with the girls.


It was a big day -


complete with balloons!


(Don’t let the look on his face fool you. Balloons are one of his favorite things in life. That look is the “Don’t you dare get between me and my balloon” look!)

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