Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Elmo is Everywhere

We stopped at Babies R Us this weekend to pick out an infant carseat. I was picking up a tub of playdough toys while we were there when Caitlin pulled a box from the bottom shelf. Cookie cutters are okay, but Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Big Bird finger puppet molds? Come on now, Mom!

(This was right after the Irishman and I had both worked on a Saturday which meant Caitlin had her first successful babysitter experience so there *might* have been a little parental guilt involved…)


There are lots of goodies to play with!


We’d planned to go to the beach after nap time on Father’s Day, but that decision seemed to single-handedly have led to the first rain we’ve had in months. Bring on the playdough!




She’s great at filling the box, but then wants to empty it right away…


This set was such a big hit that we’ve had to hide the box until we are ready to play with it again!

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