Thursday, June 2, 2011

BBQ and Pool Party

Sunday we joined some friends for a Memorial Day BBQ and Pool Party at Sue’s house. John’s mom is in town visiting, but forgot her camera so I handed her mine. She snapped pictures of everyone, so we got some fun shots of all three of us.



Of course no grandma could resist snapping a photo of her own son and grandson!


Caitlin was watching the older boys jump into the pool and she started getting ideas….and making her father VERY nervous! At least we were with our friends from summer camp - there were a couple lifeguards and swim instructors present.



After swimming there was lots of time for chalk and bubbles and BBQ. I think Caitlin may have eaten an entire bag of chips herself…sneaking off for one at a time. She was charming the grandfathers present at the party so they would add cheese dip to her chips. Silly girl!

Fun times!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! Rylee is really missing her pool and swimming weather on general! MN needs to get on with summer already. :)