Monday, June 13, 2011

On the Go

Thank you for the kind words after Friday’s post. There are still a lot of unknowns out there, but I have let myself relax a bit and take things as they come. For the next four weeks or so I am teaching drama for the afternoon camp at my school. Caitlin has to be dropped off at school by a certain time each morning, so I have a few hours to myself.

Today I am going to drop her off and then finish up my end-of-the-year checklist at school. I decided Friday not to be so hard on myself. I picked a couple of things that could wait until Monday and I met my husband for lunch instead. It doesn’t sound like much, but this is a big deal for me!


It was a busy, on-the-go kind of weekend. Looking back, I don’t have many pictures to show for it either!

I’m not sure if I’ve updated on the double stroller situation. We have FANTASTIC friends. So much so, that after all my worries, we now have FOUR double strollers. There is a jogging stroller that our neighbor Lyndsay and her twins walked over the other day. It has a rain cover so it can live on the patio. She also brought a double Malaren with her she was happy to sbare. Another friend invited Caitlin and I over after school one day and passed on a very nice double Peg Pergo stroller her kids have outgrown. We were thrilled with our finds, but none of these strollers can hold an infant seat.

At Buy Buy Baby last weekend the salesman actually laughed when we explained which strollers we’d acquired and tried to pick a car seat and/or car seat adapters to match.

Lyndsay had passed on a double Graco stroller to a mutual friend though and now with four double strollers we finally have one that will work with a car seat….and we now know which brand car seat we will be buying.

Anyway, we’d made a trip out to Babies R Us to pick up a car seat on Saturday (before we’d acquired stroller #4 so we actually left undecided with only clearance kids clothes to show for our efforts). We bought a Groupon for another indoor play place a few weeks ago and decided to give it a try.

It was no surprise what Caitlin’s favorite toy was…



We were all worn out after playing and headed home for a nice, long nap.

When we woke we took a trip to the pool. All was going well until it was time to leave. Caitlin tripped on the way back to the car and got a horrible cut on her chin. She thinks anything that is sticky is a sticker, so even the boring band-aids we tried were no good. We’re hoping it doesn’t leave a scar! She was a trooper though!


Today after Mass we decided to try out a new consignment store in our area. Knowing Caitlin was not going to be easy to handle in a place full of toys and baby equipment, I dropped her and the Irishman off at my grandparents’ house to pick mangos and to visit.

I picked up some great deals. There were Superman onesies for the baby, a Christmas top and dress on clearance for Caitlin, and a couple of rain jackets also for our darling daughter. I really liked the shop and may have a some pink goodies or one or two of our seven strollers for them to sell soon!

Caitlin has been between shoe sizes for a little while now. The shoes we own in size 6 are still too big, and the shoes in size 5 are just a little too small. They had a lovely pair of branded pink sneakers in a 5 and a half. We stopped in for a minute to try them on on the way home and also ended up buying a little Sesame Street Kitchen toy. Being as I took very few pictures this weekend I may have my favorite toddler model our bargain finds later this week.


After a trip to the grocery store during naptime, it finally started to rain. It has been SO dry. Instead of the pool, I decided to make Kool Aid play dough. I could not find my usual recipe, so I used this one. It came out terrible! I’ve made this dozens of times and it is usually my favorite play dough. Does anyone have a better recipe they can recommend?

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Anonymous said...

Never tried kool aid playdoh before. Sounds kool! :)
Glad to hear things are settling down. Enjoy your semi-summer break!