Thursday, June 23, 2011

Little Miss Mango Collector

My grandparents have a very large mango tree in the backyard. During the summer, the tree is overflowing with ripe mangoes…and it can be quite a lot of work. My grandmother has taken bags and bags of mangoes to a local shelter…and bags more to family and friends.

Caitlin loves to collect mangoes from the backyard. It is like her own personal Easter Egg hunt each time we visit. She will go back outside again and again looking for any mango she might have missed.


(This was her second or third trip into the house on Sunday!)


I showed her these pictures yesterday and she shouted, “Ball!” She will eat a little bit of cut up mango, but she doesn’t quite realize it is the same thing as the balls she collects from GGB’s backyard.


She’s a great mango collector!

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