Friday, June 3, 2011

Aiden’s Birthday Party

Last weekend Caitlin, her Great-Grandma Betty, and I headed to Aiden’s 3rd birthday party. Aiden is my cousin Amy’s little boy. The Irishman reluctantly decided he would let this be a girls bonding experience so he went off with some friends to watch the Champions League Final.

The party was at a bowling ally so Caitlin got to try her hand at that for the first time. She spent a lot of time shouting, “Ball!”


With the ramp and bumpers, even my active 18 month old had fun bowling. The biggest problem was waiting…there were a lot of toddlers and preschoolers on one lane who didn’t get the whole, “Wait your turn” thing!



When she wasn’t pushing the “BALL!” around, Caitlin was busy being social. She gave GGB lots of sugar.


The party room was also the game room. Thankfully Caitlin is young enough to enjoy playing with the game with “Game Over” flashing on the screen. No quarters necessary!


I didn’t get many photos of the birthday boy…I was too busy chasing around his little cousin! They are both growing up so fast!  Hard to believe in just a couple of months I’ll have two to keep me on my toes.



At one point Caitlin ran over to be held by my cousin Stephanie so I tried to get a quick photo of Steph, Caitlin, Aiden, and Amy. As usual Caitlin and Aiden had other ideas!


We had a great time at the party…and we all took nice long naps after all the fun!

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