Saturday, January 1, 2011

From High Above the Atlantic Ocean

I have to admit, my expectations this morning were low. The only part of the trip that was organized was the person staying at our house to watch the cats.

We were up until about 2 getting ready to celebrate "American Christmas" before we left. It must have a late night for Santa, too. We woke up to find a note telling Caitlin he made an early visit so she would not have to worry about fitting presents in her suitcase.

The Irishman also woke up with a stomach bug. I am pretty sure flying across the pond with a baby and a sick husband is up there with things I fear most.

It was a rough morning trying to celebrate "American Christmas", pack, clean, and not get sick. Despite it all, we had a lovely Christmas and thanks to Uncle Ken we got to the airport in one piece.

As for the flights, I'm afraid to speak too soon, but so far they could not have gone better. Caitlin and her daddy slept soundly through the flight to New York. (even I managed to doze a bit) We are now high above the Atlantic with free WiFi and a sleeping baby.

Not sure how our computer access will be once we get to my in laws house, but I'm sure I'll figure something out. Now that the shopping and wrapping and traveling are done I'm looking forward to relaxing and enjoying the time. You can expect pictures of Caitlin in front of the castle down the road.

Edited to add...
I might have spoken too soon. First the Irishman's tv screen wasn't working so they reset the system on the entire plane. Caitlin woke up as dinner was being served. We managed to make a bottle of warm milk from powdered milk, hot water, and a small carton of cold milk. We managed to juggle two trays of food and a squirming baby.

Then the Irishman's nose started bleeding.  Gushing blood actually. The nice couple behind us saw our flight attendant call bottom and the panicked look on my face. They took my two trays of trash and ran for paper towels. The flight attendant who'd been ignoring us was slightly embarrassed.

So after dinner, a diaper change, and a few adventures along the way, we are settling back down for the last 4 hours of the flight.

Fun times!

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