Friday, December 31, 2010


I had wonderful plans for this trip to Ireland.

Don't get me wrong...we got to spend some wonderful time with the Irishman's family. We spent a day in town. We played in the snow. We had a lovely Christmas.

We also got the flu.

I'd had plans to take a new picture for the blog header in front of Blackrock Castle.

Instead we got the flu.

The Irishman and I have no local babysitter in Florida. We had been talking about going to see "Little Fockers" on a real date night. We'd talked about going out for a meal together...alone. We had the best intentions for our fantastic family babysitters.

Instead we got the flu.

Morgan went to the doctor this morning and his man flu was officially termed "severe influenza" and he was advised not to travel for a week.

We were supposed to fly home in the morning.

The doctor also saw Caitlin and put her on an antibiotic. If you are keeping count that makes three doctor visits, three cases of the flu, and three infections requiring antibiotics.

It isn't the way I expected this trip to go...

Unfortunately I do not have time to take off work waiting for the Irishman to recover from the flu. I am not quite 100% myself, but I have been on my medicine a little longer than the others and am on the mend. I had to make a really tough decision this morning. I am second guessing myself every chance I get.

I am heading back across the pond tomorrow without the Irishman or Caitlin.

I've never been away from her. I am heartbroken. At first I was thinking of the positive. I can take it easy and rest. I can sleep on the flight. Missing the flight with the baby. The nice bits.

Instead all I can think about is being away from the baby. We are going to set up the web cam before school in the morning. They have promised to send me lots of pictures.

I still don't know how I am going to get through the week. I know that it will all work out and that Caitlin will be in the best hands, but I know she is going to miss me. And I am going to miss her. The thought of her calling out, "Momma!" breaks my heart. I struggled to make it through story time tonight without tearing up.


Please pray for us!


Heather said...

That's just terrible. What a time to get the flu! I'm so sorry. :o(

Michelle said...

Saying many many prayers for you!! I feel awful for you! Sending many hugs your way!