Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cousins' Birthday Party

When we were in Ireland one of Morgan's sisters decided to through a birthday party for all the cousins. (We are usually on the wrong side of the pond for these celebrations!) I was at home with the flu, but they were nice enough to take my camera so I could see what I missed out on!

Each cousin got a turn with the birthday cake. If you look, Caitlin is holding up one finger. I'd like to say we taught her that, but her teachers in school are responsible for that one. There is nothing cuter though when you ask how old she is! The older cousins are the real pros. They were showing Caitlin how to blow out the candles!

Michael and Violet

Playing with the big cousins' toys

Granda with Violet

Daddy and Caitlin

It was a lovely party for four lovely little girls!

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