Monday, January 24, 2011


These are not the best photos, but the tights?

I'm loving the Irish tights Caitlin came home with...

They're the best!


We're still getting things in order from before we left for Ireland. I spent last night getting paperwork together for the insurance company. After not returning my call for over a week, the agent called while we were in Mass on a Sunday. You can't return their calls on a Sunday. I usually love our insurance company but this time they have been awful. The only times I've gotten sick this pregnancy has been after dealing with the agents. I hope to get it resolved for good this weekend...without puking.

We are trying to get caught up around the house. The Christmas decorations are down, but there are still a few boxes waiting to be tucked away. We still have our Christmas lights up. We only finally unplugged them from the timer last night. Yep...we were THOSE people.

Our bathroom sink is leaking. It looks like the fixture needs replacing and it is old enough we might as well do the whole vanity thing. Not cheap, not fun, not happening anytime too soon. Looks like we need a band aid fix until we can deal with it. Until then all the contents that were under the sink are in a basket in front of the toilet. I'm getting claustrophobic.

Caitlin is moving up to the toddler room today. I am praying the transition goes smoothly. A couple of her infant classmates are going up at the same time, so at least I know she won't be the smallest one in the room. (At this age I'm not sure you can really say they will have a friend in the class!) Her infant teachers told me that Caitlin likes to eat and play outside so she will do just fine. I guess she has the prerequisite skills...

 I'd have gone into work late to see her new classroom this morning, but I have a doctor's appointment so I'm already leaving for a few hours in the morning. On the plus it means another ultrasound, so we will focus on that.

Not the most upbeat of posts. Sorry about that. Between some VERY nasty parent e-mails at work, insurance companies, and house/car repair/maintenance I'm just trying to catch up. Hope to have pictures to share tomorrow...

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Agate Lake Girl said...

I've only been back to work a week or so and I've already had a run in with a nasty parent. I feel your pain!