Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Caitlin and the Castle

When I left Ireland on our scheduled departure date early, I asked the Irishman to try to take pictures of Caitlin in front of the castle. We'd been taking turns fighting the flu and hadn't gotten to it before I left.

Actually, I asked my husband to see if his sister Rosemary would take pictures of Caitlin in front of the castle. Thankfully both of them agreed to humor me.

(Thanks again, Rose!)

I have plans to turn one of these into a new blog header. It is on my never ending to do list.

Until then I figured these were too good not to share.

(It was also a slow picture week around here...note to self - must pull out the camera tonight!)

On our next trip we will take a family picture in front of the castle. Being as we do not have a trip scheduled yet, we will most likely be a family of four by then. Crazy!

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parentingBYdummies said...

Love that shot! Sorta funny to me how she looks nearly as big as the castle!

Agate Lake Girl said...

Beautiful pictures. There's just something about a castle isn't there!