Saturday, January 15, 2011

Irish Market

The Irishman spent some time with the computer this evening and it seems to be running now. Let's hope this continues! We are using the long weekend to work on Caitlin's sleep training...translation: Daddy is not going in and letting her sleep in his arms. The first night she woke twice, but she stayed in bed until 7am. She'd thrown out every blanket and stuffed animal I'd put in there, but I expected that. They say the third night is the hardest so we have that to look forward to!

These pictures are from our first week in Ireland. Caitlin was sick with the flu so she and I stayed home while Morgan and his parents went into town to do some shopping.

This is the Old English Market. They have some fantastic stalls with meats and cheeses and such.

And Morgan took a picture of the city street. Just because.

Because Caitlin looked so sad and pitiful in the first photo I'll leave you with this one from the week they were there without me.

She has become such a good can tell she enjoys her food!

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