Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 Do Over

That last post was left on my phone and must have finally gone through yesterday when I got to this side of the pond.

I've decided that I want a 2011 "do over." I really think I deserve it. I thought about asking "what else could go wrong?" yesterday, but then I wised up and decided not to chance it!

I flew home from Ireland yesterday without my loves. They are still there recovering from the flu. I was pretty down about the whole thing.

When I landed in New York I noticed 4 messages from my friend Lyndsay. They all said, "call me when you get this. It is important."  I was worried. Morgan called me at the same exact second I was picking up the phone to call Lyndsay. He insisted on calling her so I got off the plane and waited.

It turns out our house was broken onto Thursday night. Lyndsay had gone by to check on the cats and found Moses on the patio. She realized the front door and sliding glass door were open so she left and called 911. She met the police there and they filled out a police report and took pictures and tried to get fingerprints. The cats were spooked, but they are both home.and safe.

I had lots of time in the airport to think of things that might be missing. My Uncle Ken picked me up from the airport last night and took me by the house. They ripped the tv off the wall. They ripped open a few wrapped gifts  to check for things of value. They went through my jewelry box and underware drawer. I can't tell yet what they got, but it looks like my Grandma Jo's watch and a charm bracelet. Unfortunately they were looking for gold and the little gold I had was the jewelry Grandma Jo gave me.

They did not get my school iPad. It was in a case under the tree, but somehow they missed it. I had an envelope with a cash gift from my class in it and they didn't find that. I had several gift cards from my students that were left behind. My string of pearls was left in the jewelry box.

We've joked that they got in, saw the state of the place, and decided to take the tv because they felt they needed to take something from our disappointment of a house. The Irishman pointed out that the tv was on the wall crooked anyway. All joking aside, it was not as bad as I was afraid it would be. They went through things which is hard, but even that could have been worse.

I don't keep valuables in my underware drawer. I had pictures from my ultrasound of Caitlin in that drawer. No idea why, but that was where I'd put them. It was unnatural to see them thrown on the floor. The rocking horse we gave her for Christmas was knocked over. All the things that matter to us were tossed aside in and picked through in searching for "valuables." I can honestly say I think they were disappointed by what we had to take.

I am staying at my grandparents' house. Our friends and family have been fantastic. I have several people who are going to help get the locks changed, secure the glass doors, and clean up the mess. I've had offers for meals and help. My phone is buzzing with messages of support.

I still have a cough and am not 100% so I have taken off work Monday and am going to be careful not to push myself.

I told myself that if they hadn't taken my school Christmas gift I would treat myself to a pedicure and I think I am going to follow through with the promise. I can't remember the last time I got.a pedicure, but for some reason pretty toes seem important to me.right now.

I guess the fact that I've been up since 6 means I have a bit of jet lag as well. It has been a crazy few days and looks to be a crazy week, but I'm okay. Today is a new day and everything is going to be just fine!

P.S. I typed this from my phone while jet lagged. Please excuse any typos and autocorrect errors!

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Agate Lake Girl said...

I felt terrible when my Mom told me what had happened. It's such an invasion of privacy and of course it's awful to lose those treasured family items. I am happy to hear that the cats are safe! It's a horrible way to start out the year, but I'm sure there are only good things ahead. If you need anything, let me know.
And go get those pretty toes! :)