Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mommy & Caitlin Date

Well the transition to the toddler room has been rough. I got stuck at work on Thursday and was the second to last one for pick up. It is the same time I picked her up from the infant room from time to time and she never minded...but when I got there on Thursday she had dried snot on her chin. She'd been bawling...heart breaking!

I am confident that she is fine most of the day. They keep telling us how she is a great eater and she loves to play outside. Twice I've come to pick her up and saw her before she saw me. Both times she was happily playing away with some toy, perfectly content until she saw me....and began to cry and run to the door with her hands out. The infant teacher has checked on her during the day and she said she is doing well. We just have to get past the drop off and pick up.

I felt so guilty after Thursday's snot-on-the-chin incident that I decided Friday I was making a date with my little girl. I told everyone at work that they were to kick me out of the building at 3:30 no matter what. I got to the toddler room by 3:45 and found her playing away...until she saw me and started crying. Sigh.

We headed to a local indoor playground. I'd heard wonderful things about the place and had wanted to take her there for a good while now. We had a lovely time! She ran around exploring it all...the piano, the toy kitchen and food, the dress up clothes, the slides, the bounce house, the chairs, the cars, and the books. I didn't bring a camera so the tricky part was trying to get her to hold still for pictures from my phone!

She pulled a dress up dress off the hanger herself and carried it around the place so I helped her put it on. My little princess then headed to the kitchen. How is it that they know the girlie things to do without any guidance?

We were both worn out after all the fun, but I am already looking at my calendar for another Mommy & Caitlin date! I think we both needed it!


Michelle said...

Adorable pictures! That place looks like it is a lot of fun!! I'm glad you and Caitlin were able to spend some time together doing something fun. I'm sorry she is having such a hard time with separation anxiety! It really is heart breaking to see them crying when you have to leave them or pick them up, it makes you feel so guilty. Hang in there! She loves you and Morgan, and I know that the two of you are doing a wonderful job!

Agate Lake Girl said...

It is heartnreaking when they cry! Glad you two had a fun date to make up for it.