Monday, November 8, 2010

Family Fun

It was a perfectly lovely weekend. The weather has been BEAUTIFUL and we've made the most of it! I took a ton of pictures (even by my standards) because I know that the cooler weather won't last.

First up we have an early birthday present from Ruth:

How cute is that?

The Irishman was up early on Saturday for the Walmart door-buster deals. He viewed it as going into training. I gave him a hard time about it, but he did get some Christmas gifts at good prices. I snapped this picture while Caitlin and I were waiting in the car when Morgan went back to pick up an item they were holding for him. The skylight was open, the baby was sleeping, the weather was cool. Perfection!

From there we also went to a "Living Green Fair" a friend had told us about. We ran into several people we know and had a great time. There were lots of activities for the kids...

Caitlin stopped to take a picture with the turtle,

but was disappointed that Cookie Monster drove by on his golf cart and didn't stop.

 It was the kind of day that makes you smile

and thank God for the blessings in your life.

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