Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Snacks and a Slide

Sunday was overcast and cool so we decided to stop at the park on our way home from shopping for birthday gifts for a certain little girl.

This same certain little girl decided that she needed a snack as soon as we got to the park. It seems while she was most considerate with sleeping in an extra hour for us despite the time change, she drew the line at waiting for food. After she was fed and watered she ventured over to the playground.

She loved the slide. It was a small slide so I stood at the top and the Irishman stood at the bottom. He would pass her up to me and catch her two feet later at the bottom. She loved it and kept trying to launch herself down before he was there to catch her. The kid has no fear!

And of course we finished our trip to the park with

more snacks!

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