Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Caitlin, Jingle, and Grandma

Caitlin was given a copy of Jingle All the Way for her birthday. She typically only reads board books, so I wasn't so sure how this was going to work. My fears were unfounded. The Irishman and I have loved reading out the key phrases and seeing how Jingle answers. (And yes, Jingle can understand an Irish brogue!) Caitlin carries him around all over the house.

We stopped at Hallmark on Friday and I saw a sign advertising a free iPhone/iPad app to match the book.

I added it to my classroom iPad and let Caitlin and Grandma try it out.

It was a hit. That is one content little girl!

No this is not a sponsored post...I just felt the need to explain the photos. I do however think this is the best free app I've tried in a long time! I even went out and bought a "Jingle" for my classroom. Today during reading groups my kids get to record the story on the iPad to work on their fluency. They can't wait to try it!


Michelle said...

What a wonderful birthday present! That looks like great fun!!

Anonymous said...

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