Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Last of the Pumpkins

This might be the last of the pumpkin pictures.

Caitlin is not a fan of grass. When we put her down in the grass she plants her feet and tries to stay as still as she can so that she does not actually have to touch the stuff to her skin. The back corner of my grandparent's yard has a nice soft patch of grass so we thought we would try that to see if it made a difference.

Not really.
She did however enjoy playing with the ball. She is learning how to throw...you have to move your feet in the yucky grass to kick so that was not an option!

I'm pretty sure this was, "Mommy won't put down the camera and save me from the grass...maybe Grandpa will help!"

Safe away from the grass with her pumpkin friends...

Much better!


Vic and Ver said...

I love the top photo. She's very cute.

Elaine A. said...

I just love that little Halloween tutu outfit. Where did you find it? I may need something like that for next year...

JamericanSpice said...

This is so cute :) Soon you wont be able to get her away from the grass.

Love the photos :)