Monday, November 22, 2010

Past Park Fun

This weekend I somehow managed to take very few pictures. My mom is in town for Thanksgiving and arrived late Friday night very early Saturday morning. I almost got the best picture of Caitlin and her grandma, but the camera wouldn't work. Fail. Caitlin started running a fever yesterday afternoon so it looks like Grandma gets to play nurse to her granddaughter while the Irishman and I head off to work this morning.
So, I have for you today pictures from past park fun. (They are only one week and one haircut old...not too bad!) Now that Caitlin is walking we have been trying out all the different local parks for their toddler-friendliness.

Criteria #1:
Baby swings

There was something on my camera lens (I think it may have been frosting from the birthday fun) so ignore the blur. It took me a little while to figure out that it wasn't just the lighting.

(This one is a video for the family...again ignore the icing blur)

Criteria #2:
Fun places to sit and climb
(Bonus points for shade to protect you from the hot Florida sun)

Extra Bonus:
A Carousel

This one is a winner!



darcie said...

CUTE! Looks like fun...and the weather! ah...nice weather...It's winter now in these here parts...bleck!

JamericanSpice said...

She is just the cutest!

Glad you are getting to have so much with her and your family. :)

Baby Boberg & Parents said...

I love the pictures on the carousel. How cute!

Honey Mommy said...

The carousel pictures are my favorite! My kids love the carousel!

Looks like you guys had fun. It is funny that you are so warm and we are getting so cold around here. It is 36 degrees outside right now!

AnneYP said...

she's so cute with that pink dress and hat

Krystyn said...

She's getting so big!

And your weather looks awesome there.