Friday, November 12, 2010

Picking Presents

Last weekend the Irishman suggested a family trip to Costco. I knew he had something up his sleeve, and I was right. He'd seen a giant Rudolph and wanted to get it for Caitlin for her birthday.

She wasn't overly impressed with the reindeer, but she did find another bin of animals that caught her attention. Morgan danced in front of the cart, holding each on up to her and trying to judge her reaction. He couldn't decide which she liked best, so he lined them all up...

and let her go. The other shoppers stopped to laugh at us see which one she would pick. It was looking like we would have a pet dog,

but in the end it was the tiger that won her heart! I took her off to the car while Daddy bought the tiger. (Not that should would have known what was going on, but it made the Irishman feel better about it!)

She was all excitement when she saw her tiger on her birthday. In case you were wondering, she it will support her weight. Not that we've tried or anything...

Now we just have to decide what to name her new friend...


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Michelle said...

Love it! I especially love the picture of Morgan lining up the animals for Caitlin. Too bad you don't have a picture or video of him dancing them around for her beforehand. :)