Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Cards are Coming

Christmas cards are coming,

Caitlin's Grandma is in town,

so we're off to the beach

to track the perfect picture down!

My favorite after-Thanksgiving purchase was my long-awaited birthday camera. I still haven't figured out any most of the features, but we tested it out at the beach today in our first attempt to take the perfect Christmas card photo. So far the only final product is a new blog header, but we have some ideas for the cards in the works. Until then we are making the most of my mom's visit and wishing the Thanksgiving break could last longer!


Julie Elizabeth said...

I love the new header - totally Florida Christmas!

Wish I was down there! You look great, momma :)

Michelle said...

Caitlin is wearing two beautiful dresses!! We went with casual but big Ava smiles for our Christmas cards. :). I love the photo that shows Morgan getting ready in the background. :)

Agate Lake Girl said...

Love the new blog header! The elusive perfect photo card picture - I know your pain. Rylee had her photo shoot this weekend. Lets just say I have tons of good blooper pics to post!