Wednesday, January 14, 2009

WFMW: "Foiling" the Cat's Plan

Welcome to another Works for Me Wednesday!
A couple of months back I decided to try a new kitty litter. I wasn't happy with the regular scoop-able variety we'd been using, so I tried the pine stuff. Moses didn't seem to mind - he's such an easy going cat. Rafa was ready for revenge not at all happy with me. He let me know of his disdain. The sink next to the little box became his new "litter box."

(This is an older picture, but it shows his rascal ways!)

After a week, I'd had enough. I tried to keep the sink full of water, but it wouldn't stay full. I shooed him out, but it didn't matter. I went back to the old litter, but he continued to go in the sink.

I decided that if he was going to go in the sink regardless, I would try something else. We switched to the scoop-able pine litter. It does not smell at all. (Which is good seeing as the little box is in the half bath that guests use when they visit our house.)

Well, I finally found a way to thwart Rafa's evil plan.

Two weeks ago I put a little piece of foil in the sink. He has not "gone" in the sink once since then. Better yet, he is using the scoop-able pine litter that even our good friend/kitty sitter said was quite nice.

Mission accomplished!

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Sarahlcc said...

Too bad he didn't use the toilet and flush it, eh? I want to train my cat to the toilet, but it's not up there on the priority list. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Mom2three said...

We've not had a problem with the cats using the sink for the bathroom, but I love how you solved the problem! Ingenious! We tried to toilet train our cat a few years ago, and she would pee in it, but the poop thing wasn't working. She got scared because the plastic sheeting we used wasn't thick enough and she fell in. Oh, well!

Shannon said...