Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Florida "Cold"

Before I go any further, please let me stress that I am NOT complaining about Florida weather.

I love Florida weather during this time of the year. When we get a "cold" front it is delightful! What drives me crazy are south Florida meteorologists...and some of my co-workers...and my husband

This morning they were talking about the "coldest weather we've had this year." I looked up when I heard them talking about parkas and mittens.

It is currently 54 degrees outside.
The high is going to be 70 degrees.

Parkas and mittens? Really?


MN Mom said...

I agree it drives me batty! Today is pure Heaven to me.

libbyferg said...

It is cold in Arkansas. It will be 9 degres in the morning. Please let me know if you do come to Arkansas in March. I would love to see you and for you to meet Mason.

Soliloquy said...

Old Man Winter has got to be lost. He should know better than to come so far south.

10 degrees this morning in Atlanta.

Yeah. He's lost.